Summertime SEO – Optimization

Ever since I began working in the world of marketing and advertising, summer has been a peculiar time. Full of starts and stops. Full of hectic, frantic client deadlines followed by gaps in communication. This mostly has to do with summer schedules, kids out of school, holidays and planned vacations.

Lucky for us though, SEO is a long-term game. Daily efforts make an impact on long-term goals.

I was on a call today and the client asked how we will make progress with online ranking. I found myself repeating this concept which I wholeheartedly believe in.

Focus on Google’s purpose (besides making money) – which is to connect the user / searcher with EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR, AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. Google wants the user to get what they need, at the top of the search results. It wants to learn and anticipate what users want – it’s a smart algorithm. This is what will continue to make Google the leader in search. If not, another tool will overtake them.

So our plan?

Create content that gives our target client / customer / patient what they need. More often than not this content is an answer to how to solve a problem. Sometimes this content is the actual service or product which you provide. All achieved through creating stellar web copy, a robust FAQ section and ongoing blogging to answer questions

Once the content is there, then SEO is about implementing techniques to make it work, make it ‘findable’.

So as we proceed into summer, our content creators continue to work hard to produce good material. All so that the Fall SEO harvest will be bountiful.