Witmer Group Revamps Email Campaigns To Meet New Gmail Protocol

Previously best practices were recommended and considered a valid guardrail against unsolicited, flimsy emails. However, starting in February 2024, Google and Yahoo will require senders to implement email authentication alongside other significant policy changes surrounding consent and engagement. 

Senders who fail to meet these requirements will see their emails delayed, blocked, or directed to spam.  While this may seem sudden, these changes have always been touted as the standard best practices of email deliverability by HubSpot. 

Witmer Group sees these changes within Google and Yahoo as a sensible, needed action, especially among businesses that care about the quality and measurability of email they send out. We believe these changes will decrease spam and other irrelevant, unwanted content and see it as a timely step in the right direction.

As a HubSpot Partner, Witmer Group is committed to ensuring deliverability within the HubSpot platform, an assurance we provide to all of our clients. We construct email content so that it reaches the people who want or need it and our implementation of personas for each client is one way we’re able to successfully do this.

HubSpot has prepared a helpful guide to outline what you need to do to meet the new requirements of the email changes. Follow this link to get details: HubSpot Updates for Email Changes.