Chatbots Matter Because They Deliver Personalized Engagement


Give your web visitors an experience that speaks to them -- personally.

What you want most for your web visitors is a seamless, personalized experience, right? After all, it’s what they expect and want in real-time. Waiting is not an option. Chatbots to the rescue.

It may seem logical that installing a chatbot would deliver the results you want, but wait a second. If you want to get the most value out of a chatbot, you’ll need data with accurate analytics to measure. 

Successful chatbot tools have natural-seeming conversations with your website visitors as soon as they arrive. But delivering this type of preferential welcome requires applying information about each website visitor to tailor their experience.

To achieve this level of interaction, your chat tool should have a company-matching algorithm built in. This algorithm will quickly and accurately pinpoint the company IP address a visitor is coming from and enrich that record with new contact information using the visitor’s email address. 

The chatbot then uses this information to customize the visitor’s conversation and track which experiences are performing best with them, moving that prospect into the fast lane.

Customize the entire customer journey by using data from your chatbot

When a conversation happens on your website, a chatbot collects that raw data, structures it and channels it into your database, which helps route leads to the right teams. If you have reliable data, a chatbot conversation can be assigned to a designated sales team based on location, industry, and specialization.

Measuring the effectiveness of your chatbot

Key performance indicators (KPIs) will help you to assess how your chat tool is performing and what can be improved and fine-tuned in your conversational marketing strategy.

Chatbot metrics to monitor

Here are the top 12 chatbot metrics you will need to keep track of to measure how effective your chatbot is.

  • Goal Completion Rate - GCR is on the top of our list because it successfully measures how effective your chatbot actually is, by capturing the percentage of user interactions that have been successful over the chatbot.
  • Conversation Starter Messages - Interactions between the bot and the customer is a two-way street, and the number of times the bot initiates the conversation forms the basis for this next metric.
  • CSAT Scores - Customer satisfaction scores are an important metric to measure since all businesses want happy customers who will keep coming back.
  • Bot intent analytics - Bot Intent Analytics helps your developers assess how their messages are mapped to specific intent categories.
  • Bot Messages - The total number of messages sent by the bot during the course of a conversation forms the basis of this next metric.
  • New Users - The number of new users that your chatbot has helps you gauge how popular your chatbot really is, and will help drive your business decisions on making the chatbot handle more things.
  • Total Users -  As the name suggests, this metric tells you the total number of users who are interacting with your chatbot.
  • Active Users - Active users are those who have read the messages from your chatbot in a given time frame.
  • Engaged Users - Engaged users measure how many people actually send back messages to the chatbot, once your bot has initiated the conversation.
  • Bounce Rate - The bounce rate represents how many people are visiting your website, and leaving without interacting with your chatbot.
  • Fallback Rate - A Fallback response is one in which the bot does not understand the query from a user and gives a canned response that has been set by the bot designer.
  • Conversation Duration - The conversation duration between your chatbot and the user needs to be neither too long nor too short. If it is too long, it means the user is having a tough time finding what they are looking for, and will most likely navigate away from the website. If it is too short, it means the bot has effectively failed to engage the user, and they have moved out of the website.

Chatbots can offer a helping hand when visitors land on your website, serving as a great first impression for your brand. But to deliver a personalized chatbot experience, you need reliable business data integrated directly into the tools you use every day. 

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