Marketing Directors - Know the Tools of Your Trade

The digital world of technology is transforming how we think, do business, live, and evolve. Embrace it.

Beyond trending or what’s next when it comes to marketing technologies, there are essentials -- the powerful innovative tools that are driving successful marketing.

Without them, well, let’s just say, it’s better to stay relevant than risk a wait-and-see position.

Among the movers and shakers in marketing technologies, HubSpot, Marketo, and Salesforce are three strong influencers.

Let’s kick off the conversation with marketing automation by HubSpot. Why are so many industries embracing marketing automation?  Because it allows you to craft a great experience at scale.

As a Marketing Manager, you know that delivering the right marketing message to your leads across channels can be time-consuming and difficult to execute as your business grows. HubSpot’s marketing automation software streamlines your marketing activities, helping you increase the effectiveness and quantity of your campaigns. 

You are able to leverage the power of workflows, chatbots, email triggers, and more to reach your target audience with personalized messages. By driving valuable insights with marketing automation software, you’re able to optimize your marketing strategies and deliver better results. 

Marketing automated processes are used to automate repetitive marketing, sales, and service tasks. Each workflow involves a trigger and an action. For example, if you want to send a thank you email every time someone signs up on your website, your trigger would be the user signing up and its action would be the specific email sent to him. 

HubSpot allows you to set your marketing campaigns on autopilot with marketing automation software powered by your CRM data. It’s that simple.

Witmer Group clients have this to say:

Great product, great service

"Witmer was outstanding, helping us quickly migrate to HubSpot for our marketing campaigns and other internal processes. One of the greatest benefits of our Witmer partnership: they focus on our own business success, not just system capability."

Services provided - Customer Marketing, Email Marketing, and HubSpot Onboarding

Bob Foster – GlobalNow

Effective Onboarding!

"Witmer Group led us through our company's HubSpot onboarding process. All the benefits we wanted to achieve from buying HubSpot, Witmer Group guided us to achieve them!"

Services provided - HubSpot Onboarding

Russell Bohannon - Anders Group

Fantastic Project Completion!

"Witmer Group helped create the content and designed our website in a very short period of time. Our internal estimates were 4-5x the amount of time. Witmer Group was amazing, Kristina and her team worked fast. We continue to use Kristina and the Witmer Group team."

Services provided - Website Development, Content Creation, Website Design

David MacGrandle CFO -- Denovo

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Innovative Marketing Technologies that Continue to Impact Marketing

Curious what’s continuing to push boundaries? These are just a few areas that continue to evolve at a fast pace and are expected to affect today’s marketing departments and sales enablement solutions.

  1. Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning are strategic tools for marketers to integrate into sales and marketing. AI powered tools are ideal for personalizing the customer experience, telling you which products and services are in demand and should be the focus of upcoming campaigns. Think of AI as another tool to modernize marketing processes and promote growth.
  2. Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Tools make it possible to make data-driven decisions in marketing. Essential analytics tools for tracking marketing performance are a major part of your marketing toolkit. Google is a leader in using data-driven marketing to great effect revolutionizing how advertisers and marketers reach their intended audiences with relevant content. 
  3. Chatbots and Conversational Marketing Give your web visitors an experience that speaks to them -- personally. What you want most for your web visitors is a seamless, personalized experience, right? After all, it’s what they expect and want in real-time. Waiting is not an option. Chatbots to the rescue.
  4. Personalization Platforms lets you treat each customer like a VIP. Personalization platforms use AI and machine learning-driven algorithms to track onsite behavior and customer data points in real-time to deliver a unique experience to each site visitor. Personalization is a win-win situation: shoppers are more likely to see messaging and products they actually want to purchase. Businesses get a higher return on their marketing budgets.
  5. Social Media Management software from HubSpot Pro lets you publish content to social networks from the same place you build campaigns; set up keyword monitoring so you never miss a mention; and link all your interactions back to your CRM so you have contextual conversations and can report on social media ROI.
  6. Emerging Trends and Future Technologies will continue to transform marketing in the years ahead. While we have covered some of the fascinating innovations marketers must be aware of, there are still more. Here are a few:
  7. Voice Search Optimization, also known as voice SEO, is the practice of optimizing your website and content to be easily discoverable through voice search.
  8. The metaverse is today’s futuristic blend of virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI), culminating in a new 3D immersive experience that allows users to blur the physical with the digital. Although the metaverse struggled to get off the ground last year, expect more widespread adoption as the technology improves and companies adjust to user expectations.

Witmer Group stands ready to work with you on your Marketing Technology objectives with the enthusiasm that comes with the bold, new ideas for 2024 and beyond. Meanwhile, we invite you to download the Witmer Group Inbound Marketing eBook for new ways to attract and retain new customers.